Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Technology Is It a Godsend or a Headache to You?

We had friends over last night who were setting up a video station whilst I was in the kitchen. What they snapped before I came to the rescue to show them my setup worked, I don't have any notion. Yet this morning the TV is refusing to allow me to see the news!

Do I simply possess the wrong kind of brain wiring? Does me not interest and neither can it be understood by me or comprehend at me? Now I'm an extremely intuitive individual when coping with all the human race but anything assembled with wires which you plug in, is a puzzle.

Now my daughter had to sort an issue with my notebook and my computer mouse died on me and I was left with an unequal finger attempting to browse pages.

Where would we be today without all of the technology, mobile phones that to some are an extension of their limbs; motor vehicles which have virtually made legs even and redundant park plus 101 other gadgets. Yet these all have been dreamed up and designed by man, so clearly technology is a joy to some.

How different life would be now without all these gadgets I rely on a few of them; a car, washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum-cleaner mobile notebook,, and much more, it's not until you list them you realise how reliant we all have become!

How distinct work would be without these tools and gadgets. Is it because life is begun by children created now in this technological world, where from arrival, when they're introduced to these tools and education is significantly computerized.

Is it that some of us simply do not need to use new things and would rather go through life with a minimum of these new "toys" whereas others do not need to switch on a light without a "distant" in their hand! Or is it really a prevalent side of the brain ordering our course, or both?

What gadgets do you rely on in your business world? Consider the video calls and conference calls, computers, printers, facsimiles, and robots, in fact new technology is really all around us each year and developing.

Consider the progress in online business the improvements in advertising: newsgroup Facebook, e-mail, advertising, Google, eBay, YouTube and video advertising. It's now become possible for almost anyone to set up a web-based business very cheaply, in comparison with conventional company and begin trading in months.